Tuesday, January 16, 2018

I hate espadrille

and it sucks that this is only the very beginning of 2018's spending ban so I can't say I'll buy them, but you know...........................................I might.

Friday, January 5, 2018

2017 lookback and lookbook

VEDA leather vest; Fendi shearling sneakers


dress by Edit and Gucci loafers


Gianvito Rossi boots and Kate Spade bag strap

jumpsuit by Only Hearts; B&O Play headphones; visor by Brixton

Isabel Marant boots

Aquazurra boots (charms are my own)

Filson hat; Vetements dress

2017 was...interesting to say the least.

It was just a lot right from the start...and all the way to the end. All the linear parts of my life, primarily work, remained stable while other things would just...happen.

The list of unfortunate events is too long for my liking and I'd rather not recount any of them here, but I survived...not all of my clothing did--that Acne leather jacket has since been replaced for example along with many other items lost in said unfortunate events. Despite what I tend to post on this blog, I have never been truly materialistic. I do not attach my worth or any real meaning on to things like I do with people. 2017 really proved to me that material things of good quality are still replaceable, but good people are hard to find.

I did what I could to deal with it all; I took a couple trips to step away (and see Britney Spears! Will share later of course) and to reflect and recoup. I did this so often that I don't have any real 2018 resolutions because I was able to find my resolve in all those moments of being knocked around a bit. There's something special about finding a way to settle down after disruption. Yes, I did cry; yes, I did scream at people; yes, I did stay in bed longer than my usual sloth self...but I'm not drained, or defeated. 

Finally, I've come to believe that the saying 'life goes on' doesn't really become apparent until you have watched it wither away right in front of you. However, watching death front and center doesn't make me afraid, it makes me even more ready to live. 

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Some Reading | 2017 Video Music Awards

Award shows are getting so boring and basic to me…I’m just gonna casually run through the highlights this time...

First of all the ONLY REASON I wanted to watch is this:

...those Saint Laurent boots are currently sold out on Net-a-porter btw.

Kendrick’s opening performance gave me anxiety, I felt like one too many things were on fire…I hope all those dancers have great insurance. He’s an electric performer without all that.

Then here comes that ginger boy singing about things I KNOW his ugly ass knows nothing of…accompanied by an autotuned Negro I don’t care about.

...remember when she was hot?

Katy Perry is about to over-quirk her way through this production...lots of muting on the way for me.

I can’t believe they cut off that Julie girl, I caught her performance during the Billboard Awards and I actually LIKED it a lot…I was shocked they cut her off just to announce something about that gluttonous white woman…

Taylor Swift’s video was dumb...the fashions were LIT...

thigh highs are a cornerstone of my aesthetic as you all know

...but the song was dumb...

I muted that white kid with the nasally voice performing Shawn something, he’s like a third-rate Nick Jonas.

I unmuted for Lorde and the bitch didn’t even sing…or dance very well.

Teyana Taylor channeled a ‘90s Janet. Iconic.

Fifth Harmony finally comes on opening with direct shade to their now unfortunate departed member—THEN NORMANI SLAYING MY LIFE HITTING A SPLIT LIKE A BOWWSSS. It was everything.

I didn’t appreciate them once again cutting off a performance, Chester Bennington will be missed.

Miley Cyrus is highkey one of the best vocalists of our time. She did great she even put clothes ON during the performance, which was like, wow. The whole thing was charming.

Demi Lovato comes out flanked by blacks to disguise her yelling as “soulful”.

Pink works so hard…her net worth should be higher…I still don’t like her...and she should have told her daughter about Kylie Jenner.
Thirty Seconds to Mars would have done better without whatever autotuned negro was in that song. That performance was visually pleasing tho, mainly because Jared is so ugly now.

The moment to recognize American history repeating itself/whites being white…was unnecessary and I’m pretty sure that foundation is a scam (can’t trust a white woman for shit).

The next performance was also unnecessary, won't even comment on it.

Katy Perry closed with a performance filled with the usual goofy ass visuals, but also so legit vogue dancing and Nicki looked snatched as usual.

Other things of note

Why does Fifth Harmony’s stylist hate Ally Brooke so much?

Why does Jared Leto insist on looking homeless in the face?

But for real, why is Demi Lovato always yelling? I liked how she sang when she still had a gap in her teeth and was hitting people.

Where was Ariana Grande? And Halsey? I was really starting to like both of those white girls.

Are the whites who run BET the same ones cutting off these new artists?

And there are all these new weepy-voiced white boys out here, I can’t even keep up anymore...

Is this Logic white the new Maclemore white?

Is Bebe Rexha the new Rita Ora? 

...so many questions...

It was a good show I guess, I could have done without all the focus on people killing themselves and the world being a fucking mess right now--it always comes off cliché when rich, mostly ignorant people get preachy. Anyway the highlights were super lit and I was glad some of my faves were featured.

Fashion...only focusing on the faves, although it wasn't a terrible red carpet at all

Yara shahidi...satin stunner.

Hailee Steinfeld...serving ice princess looks.

Hailey Baldwin...and serving ice Queen looks.


Nicki Minaj...standard issue living doll in pink latex once again.

Chanel Westcoast...I don't know where she stands on the Iggy Azelea scale, but I love how clean and loud this was.

Gucci Mane (his stage look)...Gucci in Gucci. So beautiful

Paris Jackson...the more I look at the Dior ensemble the more I love it.

Joan Smalls...so sleek and simple, honestly something I would wear so I had to include it.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

summer add ons

I see why people like Kate Spade so much, I think her tassel bag straps are adorable and so far pretty legit quality-wise. I picked this pony hair and leather one up a while ago to go with my Marc Jacobs bag and my first set of bag charms, but I think it looks so fresh with this shearling coin purse by Miu Miu. All three are perfect accessories for my latest bag purchase, a woven piece by Weldon. Finally, a nice set of over the ear headphones (B&O Play) so I can get lost in all the new music I've been buying lately while signaling to others to leave me the fuck alone. All of these are brands I've either never heard of or tried before, but they worked really well together as the latest additions to create my perfect summer vibe.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

slide season

Jeffrey Campbell

Anya Hindmarch

Minna Parikka

I've been here for slides for a minute now, not just because I think they're so versatile, but because they're the laziest way to put on a shoe--you don't even have to bend down or anything, perfect for my sloth-like nature.

I was clicking around Shopbop and found some charming designs I thought I'd share; from sleek shearling trim (Vince), to fun fluffy poms (Jeffrey), to the cutest reinvention of the bunny slipper (Minna). By the way, what's with everyone putting a sunny side up egg on everything? I believe Anya Hindmarch started it (she's known for her quirky designs), but I'm seeing it everywhere. My favorite of this selection is the latest from Marni, they remind me of the Celine fur slides that came out a while ago that I missed out on. I'll be looking out for a pair in my size to add to my collection this coming fall season for sure.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


I was scrolling Net-a-porter's new section and this luscious wool coat caught my eye....so is Demna back at Margiela because this cut looks awfully familiar. 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

(Not Really) Recipe | Kale soup

...first of all, KALE IS EVERYTHING. I feel like it's been missing from my diet for the past 31 years. Here's the way I prepare it as a side dish or sometimes my main meal (inspired by some random Food Network recipe).

Step 1: Get a full bushel of Lacinato kale. 
Step 2: chop it up; I like a rough chop for bigger bites
 Step 3: clean it. I use white vinegar because it naturally cleans and adds flavor. Then rinse.
 Step 4: Butter makes everything awesome so instead of a healthy oil, I use butter...I mean, the kale makes up for the butter, right? I melt some at the bottom of a medium sized pot, or sometimes I just add it to boiling water. Either way put about a table spoon of butter and 1 1/2 cups of water in a pot to boil (amount of water obviously depends on the amount of kale).
 Step 5: Add spices to the butter water; I used thyme and pepper.
 Step 6: Add the kale and spice it again.
 Step 7: Cover and let it boil/simmer for about five to 10 minutes.
It's so guuuuuud yessss, like a hot salad. I think it would be awesome with some veggie toppings like cherry tomatoes, carrots or even steamed broccoli.