Friday, February 10, 2017

pop princess power

Everyone knows Britney Spears did damn near everything she's done first...or at least she made it cool. Her stage style has always had a cutesy swagger that enticed young teen girls to add some sporty edge to their wardrobes (much to the chagrin of parents--omg that midriff!).

I personally had my conflicts with the school dress code solely due to her influence, but something the elders didn't have a problem with was her chunky footwear provided by longstanding sneaker brand, Sketchers (we alllllll had a pair though right?!). At the time Britney was a rising star that had the power to make everything she wore look exceptionally trendy and therefore, necessary, which is probably why she was also used in the ads for the rather unflattering kicks...
Not too long ago I was doing my usual Net-a-porter scrolling and I discovered that Britney's go-to stage footwear has been revamped in these quirky Miu Miu platform sneakers...
...even though I have never liked cork on anything but a wine bottle, I'm not mad at these and I genuinely appreciate the nostalgic feelings they evoke--maybe now I can aggressively strut across the room while doing some intricate hand choreography like the one and only the comfort of my own apartment of course.

Friday, January 13, 2017

demna is at it again

Nobody informed me that the same guy who worked at Vetements was also calling shots at Balenciaga (announced last October), that's the ONLY reason I was suddenly looking at their clothes for the first time starting this past fall season...I really had no idea until I decided to actually read the little description next to the pieces...

I mean, the only thing that has ever caught my eye from Balenciaga were their bags (Vanessa Hudgens had a gorgeous city bag back in 2007-ish and I was obsessed with having one--they're not as popular now, but still kind of essential). 

I was scrolling the 'what's new' section of Net a Porter and this denim robe was like, "omg WOW--this is Balenciaga for real?" I thought Wang was trying some thing new, but nope it's just one of my faves putting a new hat on, such a pleasant discovery. I guess I'll have to start lurking that section for some unexpected wardrobe finds as long as he's on their payroll.

Monday, January 9, 2017

the year of mochi

vanilla, green tea, strawberry

I just discovered that this exists--mochi is like, basically frozen creme puffs...? So indulgent.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

nail art | still a thing for me

I'm just gonna post all the nail art I failed to post starting with this sponged on look from back when I was obsessed with sponged on looks...I didn't care for the color combo, but I liked the matte effect.
...clown nails maybe? I was playing with negative space at the time and I remember the glitter was from Urban Outfitters.
A few moments with chevrons. The neon one was with Orly nail colors, a brand I was using for the first time; their base coat is still a favorite of mine.
This isn't artistic really, but this is one of my all time favorite nail colors by Essie, "high class affair"; I think it's such a luxurious color against my skin tone.
...some color blocking or whatever. The yellow is Essie's 1000th color called "aim to misbehave" and I wish I just kept it on its own, it's pretty with a french tip.
Also from Essie around the same time, their water color palette sets were so cute and fun, above and below are the two looks I tried; I think the one below turned out better...

Finally, this was my holiday/winter nail art look; second day so it's a bit chipped. I worked so hard on the tree, meticulously placing a chunk of glitter for the star on top (at first it was just going to be an evergreen, but then I was like, 'why not act like I have Christmas cheer?'). 

Right now my nails just have a neutral nail look that I had professionally applied for the first time ever while I was on a winter vacation in San Diego. I'm sure I'll come up with more nail art looks in the new year, but getting the salon treatment every now and then might become a thing as well.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

the winter index

So it's cold now. I've come up with some ways to keep you from turning into a popcicle...or just a cold weather crybaby...

Let's start with the hands, these cashmere and shearling mittens by Rag and Bone are about to be added to my shopping list; the zipper detail is so unique.

I love when designers are able to find unique ways to reintroduce accessories. This hoodie, shawl hybrid by Mackage is so sleek and gorgeous that despite it being kind of extra, it still manages to be 100000 percent necessary.
If you live in areas with mild to chilly winters an everyday pull on boot is a staple, but that doesn't mean you have to go for the "Australian status quo" (I have a love/hate relationship with Uggs to be honest). I'm noticing the sneaker boot trend has been on the rise for a few seasons now and I'm totally here for these Mou suede sneaker boots. Their boho casual vibe is actually kind of adorable and not as basic as their widely popular counterparts.
So your winters are cold AND wet? Duck boots have always been the answer--not the most attractive answer, but Sperry is out here changing the game with their new line of short boots; they're actually more sensible city-chic than backwoods midwest.
Regardless of the weather conditions, everyone needs an oversized sweater--preferably in cashmere or some luxe variation. The Row is forever churning out knits in basic neutrals that are far from basic. I need all of them.
...and also, yes to sweater dresses. Like, why not cover your legs in knitwear too? This Demylee knit reminds me of the Acne Studios Dita dress that I missed out on a while ago.
...and this one reminds me of a really cool oil slicked water puddle. I'm adding this Raquel Allegra knit to show that I don't think only beige knits are beautiful (I still remember when I bought like five in a row two years ago like...??? That was kind of sad.)

I'm not even into wearing sunglasses, but I figure if one is wearing the standard winter all-black uniform, how major would it be to have statement shades like these ones from Illesteva? Such a major way to shield your eyes from the sunny glare off the snow.
Since we're talking about major accessories, basic wool hats are fine, but luxurious fur ones are better and this Jocelyn mink beanie is gorgeous (also a shopping list addition).

Ever wonder what Kanye West wears to the grocery store? I have. Honestly, I really have...I'm guessing it would look something like this Givenchy sweater, you know, like out of the a cute way.
Another apocalyptic piece...this Raquel Allegra dress is good for more mild winters paired with salt-stained Uggs and a giant puffer jacket for added faux homelessness. LOVE IT.

This pick is kind of random because it's designed for indoor wear, but that's perfect for my sloth lifestyle. I can look all dressed up in this Hanro night dress and not even leave my apartment-amen.

These final two picks are items I thought represented certain trends I've been into lately. Above are the latest from Moon Boot that look like a super cute response to the athleisure trend with the sleek neoprene fabric and lowkey faux fur.
Finally bomber jackets are everywhere in every print, style, fabric, cut--you name it. I'm obsessed with this faux fur selection from SJYP, everything about it is over-the-top and so irresistible. 

Sunday, December 18, 2016

season of the onesie

Okay so it's finally 20 degrees outside (YESSS!) so it's time to cover myself in cashmere from head to toe. My birthday month is coming soon so if this Chinti and Parker jumpsuit is still available, I'll probably get it in the grey--I can't help myself honestly and when you find a piece you want to wear literally every waking moment, buy it twice.

I feel like onesies have been a thing for a minute now as a response to the whole athleisure's like instead of pretending you're so casually active and sporty or whatever why not just straight up dress like a large baby who can't walk yet?! Sounds like a plan, a very cozy, lazy ass plan.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

I had to cut the tags


At first I wanted some Uggs to replace my old ones, but I saw these and thought maybe I should try something different. After missing out on the Jimmy Choo/Moon Boot collab last year I saw these Inuikii shearling boots as the perfect pair.

When I first tried them on, I have to admit they were a little too snug (they fit a size small), but it's one of those "do it for fashion" moments where I just had to give them a chance. However, I did keep the tags on just in case I changed my mind and they were too tight to bear. After wearing them for a few days and feeling them mold to my feet, I fell in love, I mean, LOOKIT THEM THO--multiple layers of animal fluff just so my toes don't have to suffer this winter, loves it.