Sunday, July 22, 2012

Braless for Bralets

Can I just take a moment to say I'm extremely happy that my chest never developed passed age 12. 
Not only does that mean I avoid annoying boobie sweat, it also means I can usually substitute a bra for a bralet without being concerned about not having enough support. I've never envied the girls who got a little more than me in that department, but in the summertime when it's over 100 degrees outside, I pity them.
This is the first bralet I found last year when bralets were just starting to be the new hotness. I actually went to AA searching for one and a salesgirl told me I should check out American Eagle and lo and behold, I found one in the sale bin. It has a perfect fit and pretty much matches everything because of the denim material.
 I actually purchased this bralet at a Guess store in the same mall on the same day as the first. It has built in cups and detachable straps for a different look.
I got this one at a college night special at Urban Outfitters. It's one of my favorite garments in the world--how could it not be? Look at it :)
This velvet bralet is the few pieces of velvet I own so far (I'm thinking of getting velvet leggings sometime though). Because it's a thicker material, it's better suited for fall or early spring...just not so much for 100-degree weather. I still love it though; the fit is super comfy and the design is perfection.
I have wet look everything. I think it's the most intriguing material in fashion because it always provides an unexpected dimension when paired with other fabrics. This bralet was found randomly at Hot Topic the one and only time I wandered in there. I love that it can convert into a bandeau and that it zips in the front.
Which one's your fave? It looks like that little fly made his decision.

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