Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DIY STUFF: Giving in to the Stud "Trend"

I still can't tell if studding is a fad or a trend. I felt like it was a fad at first mainly because moderately good-looking hipster girls were doing it--you know, the ones with the duck faces and too much make up and stringy, too-long hair that usually completely covers their faces in pictures all over Tumblr...there's no way those little bitches are setting trends. No way.
I decided I would stud these almost-out-of-commission JC two-timers after I stopped wearing them due to some staining caused by the dye on my jeans. The staining was only around the top area of the shoe, like the rim or whatever...to be honest, the white coloring on the suede is so powdery that the blue was starting to fade on its own. But once I set my mind to something, it gets done regardless.
Although I am a proud perfectionist, I decided to only retain the shape of the pattern, not the pattern of the studs themselves. I kinda like the right one a little better.
The studding did take quite some time; there was a total of about 250 studs or so. The perforations made getting them in pretty easy, but my fingers are still a little numb from pressing them down as I bent the prongs in.
 I'll probably wear them towards the end of summer; hopefully studding is still cool then.


Next, I decided to stud this crop top because...well, why not? I couldn't use these pyramid studs any other way and I wasn't about to put them on the collar of one of my shirts--not that I don't like the look, I just feel like the studded collar thing is a fad I'm not willing to poke holes for.
I think the finished product looked somewhat classic and non-fad-ish.

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