Saturday, July 7, 2012

Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara Review

I bought this a while ago at my local grocery store for about $7 (the price might decrease as it becomes less "new" I guess) I wanted to try it out because of the "gel formula" I heard about in the commercials. The cute summery packaging got my attention as well :)


As you can see, it's the standard fat brush, ideal for coating the maximum amount of lashes in one swipe. The tapering on either end means you can easily get the larger middle section in the corners of your eye without much risk of smearing from the outer bristles. The bristles themselves are meticulously spaced so they're tightly packed and separated to make clumping easily avoidable. So basically, a pretty standard ergonomically correct design that is also attributed to the flex applicator. (MY VOCABULARY IS INCREDIBLE THOUGH, RIGHT?)

I had up to three coats on while wandering around for hours in the 100-degree weather one day and NO FLAKING. That's pretty much all that I require of a good formula.

LASH ACTION: (in pictures)

Coat 1

 Basically, a very natural-looking finish. This just gives you an idea of what type of lashes I have; they're really feathery and naturally curly.

Coat 2

 It really only takes about two good coats for my lashes to become visible.

Coat 3


Swiping the tips of the lashes is pretty much standard procedure when it comes to achieving the perfect bold lash look. That's basically what I did here and I really, really like how the formula DID NOT CLUMP. Amen.

Well, that was my first make up review, I hope it was helpful :)

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