Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Natural Hair Care Routine

So far, I've pretty much done everything to get my hair to grow/stay on my head.

This is the result of going back and forth between products and hair care techniques for years and years. 
I still don't have it quite right, but maybe someday I'll find a routine that works.
Dr. Miracles has been a staple product for a while now; I love the scalp-tingling "feel-it formula" because I actually feel like my hair is getting cleansed instead of stripped of all nutrients. However, I do have an issue with the ingredients:
Everyone talks about how parabens and/or sulfates are bad for the hair and they are included in the Dr. Miracles shampoo and conditioner which bothers me a bit. I actually went to Sally's recently to go get more of the product (it's cheapest there) and the salesgirl said they had phased it out. 
I guess that's all the more reason for a new hair care method.
THE NEW ROUTINE: co-washing with baking soda and apple cider vinegar. I have only been using this method for three weeks, but I have a really good feeling about it.  I love the way it makes my hair feel so soft as if it was coated with a moisturizer. 

The only cons I can think of are how it can burn if you rub your scalp too hard. I also need to get one of those bottles used for hot oil treatments (you know, the ones with the pointy nozzle) so I can get the mixture right on my scalp; I've just been using a little cup.
Maintaining my hair is not much of a hassle, especially considering I'm in protective mode right now and I'm wearing wigs (more on that later). I simply put a light moisturizer (Jojoba) on my strands and scalp  and sometimes a hair serum (GVP Silk Remedy). I keep it in cornrows under my wig cap, but I do take them out every couple days just to re-moisturize my scalp and I guess, "air out" my hair. If I wanted to do a twist out, Carol's Daughter healthy hair butter is perfect for me. I love how the formula coats my hair and protects it from the damaging heat outdoors. Using my Denman brush to de-tangle my ends and distribute product has also been really helpful. I find that my hair sheds less when I use the brush as opposed to a comb with tightly-spaced teeth.

Overall, I have some serious work to do, but I think I'm pretty close to getting it right.  

What are your natural hair care methods?

Video here.

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