Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Making a Boyish Transition into Fall 2012

I'm going to do my best to ignore the fact that summer is still sticking around with the grossly hot weather and the stupid urges to wear as little as possible without getting arrested. I've made several investments in sheer pieces like this and I will be utilizing them in the next few weeks to try and make a graceful transition into fall.
These lace flares (with shorts built in) are from Urban Outfitters and even though I don't wear them  very often, they are super easy to style and will definitely be one of my go-to casual fall pieces.
I've always worn more classic menswear pieces, but lately I've been digging the boyish trend with sneakers and snapbacks. I've never found girls wearing boyish (not menswear, BOYISH) clothing very attractive, but a lot of different bloggers have inspired me to give this trend a chance. I think it's done best if the boyish pieces are somehow juxtaposed to super feminine pieces like my lacy flares. This wool and leather trucker hat was found lying around my dad's house and I plan on making it one of my go to fall accessories. The simple black on black design makes it easy to style with other boyish pieces like this over-sized tank top that was also found lying around the house. 
 ...however, I feel like wearing boyish clothes more often is going to make me start mugging like this. I had another shot where I appeared to be almost smiling, but I felt like it didn't go with the whole look. {make up: eyes: brown/black smokey eye via Mary Kay; lips: Burts Bees Red Dahlia chapstick}
I decided to acknowledge summer through this neon orange halter crop top I purchased at an art fair two years ago. The cotton material is super comfortable in the sweltering heat and of course, it provided a absurdly overused pop of color.
Summer needs to leave already. 
I need to see those leaves change and those temps drop, PRONTO.


  1. Those pants are so dope. love 'em.

    ♥ With Love,
    Tisha Jade of NeverJaded.com

  2. Amazing pants, so stylish!
    Thanks For the comment darling :)

  3. I love the look! :)


  4. great look!


  5. great outfit. really like these pants!

  6. Awesome lace pants! I'm a new follower on bloglovin:)
    xo, Chelsea

  7. I love those lace flares, you pull them off really well x

  8. Love the lace lare pants. They are so dramatic but I like how you kept it easy.


  9. Wow! You are incredibly beautiful and have amazing style! I have pants like this but am not brave enough to wear them! xx


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