Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2012 Fall Fashion: How I Style Cutoff Shorts for Early Fall

The beautiful thing about fall weather is that you can pretty much wear whatever you want as long as you layer up accordingly. I snipped up these v-cut denim shorts because I liked how the darker wash complemented my fall color palette of mostly black and neutrals plus, denim of any kind usually has limitless versatility.

Look 1: Casual formal

...I guess I'd wear this for a lunch date...if I had a social life.

Stila "freesia" mixed with MAC "carbon"; Mary Kay Apple Berry lipstick

shirt dress; tights; shoes...Urban Outfitters
twist scarf...American Apparel 
black tank...Charlotte Russe

Look 2: Lazy Day

...with some added cuteness; I love how these floral, lace-trimmed biker shorts looked layered underneath and that semi-sheer sweater is basically part of my everyday fall uniform.

Mary Kay "copper glow" with Stila "bark" and Apple Berry on the lips.

floral shorts...Urban Outfitters

Look 3: Distractions

...on days when you don't feel like putting on make up wear items that keep people from noticing how crappy you really look...they'll be all, "aww, cute bow" or "cute glasses" or "I love your shoes!"...no one will see your yucky visage, I promise.

 Seriously, everyone needs a pair of these...

I sure did have make up on though; same as Look 2

tank and glasses...Urban Outfitters
socks; bow...American Apparel
shoes...Minnetonka store
jewelry...Kali Butterfly

Go forth and be inspired or whatever.


  1. cute. I like the shorts/tights combo :) and thank you dear!

  2. whoa. i love your boots! and everything else about this outfit. x


  3. "no one will see your yucky visage, I promise."

    Haha! Sometimes that truly is the case. :)
    Third set is my favorite. Love the bow and glasses!
    And 2ne1 rocks! Big Bang too. <3

  4. Absolutely gorgeous and stunning.


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