Friday, November 16, 2012

At least she has a Dog

I panicked yesterday; like the kind of panic that makes your heart stutter then beat so fast you can hear it in your if you've realized you left the stove on at home and you had already been out for three or four hours...and maybe you live alone and you don't know anyone who would come by and take care of it for immediately envision yourself coming back to smoke and flame, the results of your carelessness....well at least no one was hurt, they would were gone so there was no one to get hurt...but your things are all destroyed and nothing is left to show for any of your efforts...all of your efforts burned to ash...all of your efforts charred with smoke....but you weren't hurt so it's okay...except now there's barely anything left to show for those what was the point if it was just going to go up in smoke? 

But you didn't stay home that day so you're okay.

That's all I did yesterday. Panic. 

Then I painted my nails.

Everything is Urban Outfitters; shoes are Docs


  1. love your jacket!!

    I would love it if you checked out my latest post: DIY Flower Crown - its so easy!

    Jess XO

  2. Love the jacket and spotted Docs, very on trend!

    Thanks for your lovely comment! God that sucks...there's always ordering online?
    Rachel xx

  3. live that outfit!

  4. lovely jacket and have a great week.

    i am dropping by as your new follower

  5. LOVE your Docs, those are too cool! x


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