Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Progression for some Breyers

AE military jacket and polo; Deux Lux bag; Express fur snood; U.O. denim; JC Kick it hiking boots.

Presentation is everything.

I remember trying to sell this Lucky bitch last time and I guess she didn't shine next to her lesser peers, but next to a fair specimen of the current trend she becomes more desirable.

$16.80 for the both of them.

I thought it was more than fair considering they were worth nothing to me.


I made the half-mile trek to pick up ice cream sitting in my mother's fridge. I wasn't concerned about it melting on the way back; the gum I was chewing had transformed into over-cooked, mint-flavored meat as I sucked in the frigid air.

I scared the shit out of my mother when I walked in although I thought she knew I was coming--I would do anything for free ice cream...

On the walk back I checked the time...I could still make the last connection. I missed the first bus by about a minute...the second one came and now I was cutting it close...the slovenly parasites that boarded were slowing things down even more.

As the bus neared the final stop, my connection bypassed us, but I was unfazed. I crept up beside the driver, "Is there any way you can get that bus to stop?"

He was familiar with me; many of them are because I've been riding since I was 14.
As I clutched the bar next to the driver's seat, he took his hands off the steering wheel and attempted to stop the connecting bus with magic powers, "STOP BUS, STOP!" he said in a loud, raspy whisper as he gesticulated...I was mildly amused, but not prepared to walk again in the 30-degree weather.

After a five-second call to dispatch, I watched through the large front window as the connecting bus slowed to a halt just passed the stop.

...such little things to reverse my regression.

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