Thursday, January 17, 2013

He Speaks Through Their Presence Alone

Just one quick glance. 

Not that quick though because I recognized her despite her drastically altered appearance.
It's weird how some girls can transform into different people by simply investing in some hair dye.

But that visage was unmistakable; sculpted and sloping bone structure and deep sockets stuffed with spearmint blue glass. Always that bubble gum pink mouth. Always.

Everyone hated her.

"She thinks she's liiiiiike, better than everyone because she saaaaaays she was like a bartender..."

One night she was seen cleaning up her section with a particular vigor. She had the stomp of an irate toddler who was being forced to come inside after a long day of play that simply wasn't long enough. That's the way she always walked though so it was hard to tell if it was simply a bad night or her last one.

She was gone within a week of my first meeting with her...much to no one's surprise.

I looked down as I was exiting the bus and there she was. Brunette now. Still pretty. Still irate. Reminding me of my former hustle.  

thrifted leather jacket; Minnetonka fur boots; Big Budda bag; Urban Outfitters denim and hat.

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