Saturday, March 16, 2013

in other news, I Left The House Again

Doc Martens; UO denim, hat and gloves; American Eagle jacket; sweater and bag from my Dad's basement; that paisley scarf can be found like, anywhere.
 I try make it a point to leave the house at least four times a week, which is a difficult process because I'm actually from The Doldrums (if you're old enough to know that reference, good for you). Today, I decided to venture out into the gloomy rain and purchase something I believe will make my life more bearable.

Below is a quick iPod Diary of my two hours out of the house...

...waiting for the bus.

image at Urban Outfitters.

I found what I was looking for and returned to The Doldrums feeling moderately productive.
Rain drops on my head for completely unnecessary dramatic effect.
You'll see how I styled what's in the bag soon enough. 
I'm going back to sleep now. Later people.


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