Sunday, March 3, 2013

some Fashion Blogger Shit from last weekend

I got myself invited to a fashion show event--no-no, I didn't say WAS invited, I'm not that cool, I said I GOT MYSELF invited--but because I have semi-legit journalism skills, this might actually be a legit fashion journalism post...or something verrrrrry close to that.

In order to get to said fashion show event, I took a rancid-smelling bus ride towards the downtown location with only some random, quickly scribbled out directions (more like instructions on where the event wasn't rather than where it was)...and of course, I just had to ask a completely unhelpful bus driver who basically got me lost ("it's back there," is NOT a direction, mmmkay).

It was so awesome walking around aimlessly in the cold that I decided to take a photo to capture the massive bleakness that is Mid-Michigan.

After asking some people at a pizza place where the fuck I was, I walked back to another bus stop, got actual directions and finally made my way to the venue moments later.

When I walked into the boutique where the event was being held, I was greeted by a sizable crowd packed into a tiny lobby area that could barely fit them. Additionally, there was a bit of confusion about where any of the growing crowd was supposed to go after standing around for over half an hour. However, the most annoying thing was that there was no press pass for me as I requested, forcing me into a state of momentary bitchtasticness as I asked every one who looked like they should know what they're doing what the fuck was going on.

Even though all that was pretty irritating, it was still the makings of an actual fashion show event of that size; there were five designers, at least 30 models, and clearly not enough staff to tie up any loose ends. I shouldn't have expected things to go down any other way...

We were playing the How Many People Can You Stuff Within Three Feet Of The Entrance game.

...despite my initial setback, I was able to make my way backstage to exercise some of my semi-journalistic reporting skills, starting with snapping away at anything fashion-related...

A model wearing layered necklaces by jewelry designer, Deirdra MacIntyre Cowen

Models lined up backstage from Tina Wallace's Animal Instinct line.

The VIP table. 'Twas quite nice, I did not get to sit there.

Designs by Tina Wallace and Matt Vice (L-R)

Incredible, hand made chandelier earrings by Deirdra MacIntyre Cowen
I don't know who these are by, but I find them oddly necessary.
Modeling agent Cecelia Hughes backstage....yes, I do want those pants.
A dress by Nesa Fab; the butterflies on the shoulder were interesting.

Next, I got all legit journalist in dis bitch and did some interviews; first, with 18-year-old Tenesa Peterson, designer behind Nesa Fab, who said her designs have matured as she has.

"I used to do more funky, urban looks, now I've grown into the more professional and elegant looks," Peterson said. "I guess as I'm growing, my taste is also growing."

When I was 18 years old, I was still trying to figure out whether I wanted to go to college or not while this girl is building her own brand. I find such precociousness slightly unnerving, but I'm still very impressed with that kind of tenacity at such a young age. Here's a look at some of my favorites from the Nesa Fab collection shown...

This is so perfect for spring; loving the gold accents too.

Le pockets...yesssssss.

My most intriguing interview was with designer, Matt Vice of Matthew Vice Clothing Concepts who shared his story on how he got started in fashion.

"I started out making menswear, mainly for myself," he said. "I had ideas I wanted for things I'd wear and I couldn't find them so I started designing."

Vice said his mother encouraged him to learn how to sew for himself and eventually he was hooked.

"I'd come home from my 9 to 5 job and I would sew all night, I loved it," he said.

Vice said that because it was difficult to start out in menswear, he decided he would go into womenswear instead.

"Men like their clothes simple and they buy a whole bunch of the same color because it's just easier," he said. "I started going into womenswear because I can express myself and my point of view."

Vice showed off one of his 'Clothing Concepts' with one of the stand out pieces in the show, which was based on on Japanese traditional attire.

As a designer, Vice said he is more about having his artistic expression speak to the customer rather than coming up with something trendy and predictable.

"I like having trends, but I like to see them independently, I don't like to follow them and I don't like to be too obvious in them." Vice explained. "I don't want to make something just because I know people will like it."

Vice is originally from Mississauga, Ontario and moved to Dallas, Tex. where he has lived for the past 13 years. He said moving to a completely different climate has helped him expand, but he came back up to Michigan to explore more of the fall/winter dependent market.

"My passion is for fall/winter and it's not really the biggest season [in Texas] so Lord knows, I need to branch out," he said.

Overall, I'm pretty sure in a few years this guy is going to be new hotness, especially if he insists on doing things like this...
The back of a cropped vest.

and this...
Vice calls himself a 'tailoring Fascist' when it comes to making separates. Yup, I can see that. And I WANNIT.

Following the designer chit chat, I found a spot to shoot more looks from the runways of the first few designers, but then I was told to move because I was in the way of more worthy press people...

Well at least there was food.

Upstairs VIP food table.
Downstairs VIP food table (I was allowed to nibble a bit from their platter)

After getting kicked out of the upstairs runway section, I found a place downstairs where I would be able to see the models processional down to the second VIP area. I watched the runway looks from jewelry designer Deirdra MacIntyre Cowen and the largest collection from Nesa Fab.


So to recap:

20 minutes of aimless walking in the cold

272 pictures

2 videos

7 interviews

3 hours mostly on my feet in an over-heated, under-sized venue

No. Fucking. Press pass.

...I honestly don't think any of this would have happened if I was Karen Blanchard.

But whatever, I said I was only pretending anyway.

If you would like to see more photos from the event, CLICK IT.


  1. Nice reportage!! I love the turquoise dress with the gold details!
    kisses =)

  2. Nice photos. That turquoise one piece is gorgeous, and those chandelier earrings! WOW!


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