Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Softest Obsession

Miista boots; everything else is UO I'm officially here for all the plushness. 

I actually didn't notice my addiction until I purchased my velvet leggings a little while ago and I realized that it was my forth velvet piece. The loafers and the bralet are from last summer and the cat ears were picked up on a whim during the same trip as the leggings. However, you would think I would curb my consumption after my recent shoe purchase, but no, I am a full-blown addict and my velvety desires have yet to be satiated. 

Other velvety things I'm going after:

A velvet bow...because before I had an addiction to velvet, I had an addiction to bows, so why not combine them?
A velvet twist scarf...only because I know they're available and I would wear the crap out of one.
A velvet purse...seriously, how perfect would that be?
A velvet something-that-I-can-wear-on-the-top-half-of-my-body piece...a blazer will do, but I would love a shawl or vest or something like that I really need a reason?


  1. How cool you are collecting velvet pieces :)

    I really like the fabric and I recently bought a velvet dress :P


  2. Oh my.. Those shoes are just AMAZING!! Are the loafers like tie-sye velvet? If they are I need them in my life and I'd NEVER take them off. Maybe..



    1. Eugh.. Too impressed by loafers to proof read. I meant tye-DYE.

  3. I love everything velvet.



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