Sunday, April 7, 2013

I found a little Acne on my feet...

I guess I'll be a good fashion blogger today and actually compose a vapid piece about what I wore one time...
by Marc Fisher
In a recent trip to Macy's I hit the shoe clearance section (literally the greatest place on earth) and I found a couple pairs of shoes much too necessary to leave they were 75 percent off. 

The first pair is pictured above; I was mostly drawn to that simple leather tassel a la Acne pistol boot. I've never been here for blatant knockoffs so I was pleased that the tassel detail was pretty much the only borrowed feature. I also appreciated the hiker-boot soles, which are perfect because I'm really rough on my shoes with all the walking I do as a car-less person in a car-driving state. They're made with a high quality, wonderful smelling, distressed leather and that classic silhouette means I'll definitely be wearing them until I'm 60...then maybe I'll swap them out for orthopedics or something.
...and there will be a next time.

When I got to the register, the slimmed down Santa Claus-looking salesman informed me that there was a pre-sale promotion going on that would give me another 20 percent off. However, I couldn't pick up the shoes until five days after my purchase because the sale event wouldn't happen until then.  'Twas no problemo of course; there isn't a single pair of shoes I buy these days that I ever really need, regardless of how much I convince myself. The grand total came to about $50 for two pairs of shoes valued at about $330. I was very pleased.

The first time I wore the boots was on Thursday for a work-social thing; the clean cut, yet rugged design made them really easy to style for a casual, but professional situation.


Spring weather is finally starting to come around and I remember Thursday being the perfect mix of warm sunshine and cold breeze. I definitely didn't have to put a real coat on, but this grampa blazer has a good helping of wool in it and that scarf kept my boney chest from shivering. Finally, I think all the neutral tones here kept the cheetah print/tribal print/pink shirt combo from being all the way cray, but I always go for a mild dose of tackiness-because I can.

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