Sunday, May 26, 2013

Nail Art and Review | Blue Sugar & Blocked Color

First matte and now, sugar; a growing number of brands are creating polishes that give the nail surface an interesting third dimension to spice up any nail art look. This weekend, I picked up one of the Sugar Coat polishes by Sally Hansen in the color Razzleberry.
The polish itself is really dense with particles that make the sandpaper-like texture apparent in one generous swipe or two very thin layers as instructed.  It can't be removed as easily as regular nail polish of course, but it does come off easier than sparkles.
L'Oreal "club prive" and Revlon "minted"
I was really tempted to add some embellishment to this color-blocked look, but I think the textured nails are just enough enhancement. I'm definitely going to be seeking some more of these type of polishes for a full on textured look next time.

Day 26: One of five.

1 comment:

  1. I keep seeing these types of nail polishes and never know when to try them, do they feel rough when you touch things?
    I can't wear glitter on my nails without a top coat because I can feel it on bed sheets at things?

    Does that make sense?
    Or am I being weird? haha!


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