Sunday, May 5, 2013

(Not Really) Recipe | Chicken Fajitas

To celebrate Mexico exploiting France's poor fighting skills, here's how to make some way-healthier-than-Taco Bell fajitas. Gather all the things:

1. Two 8'' burrito wraps, size depends on how much of a fattie you are
2. cheese, the kind that you think goes good with chicken
3. chicken, white meat or dark meat...I won't judge you either way
4. Plain Greek yogurt, not just because it tastes like sour cream, but because it's better for you:
Grab a pan, some frying oil, and a wide spatula; this recipe takes about 15 minutes...
Step 1: Cook those wraps and set them aside.

Step 2: Grab a piece of chicken; mine is a breast piece, but I've had it with dark meat and I think it tasted just as good.

Step 3: Shred your meat.

Step 4: grab one of those wraps, place it on the frying pan and top it with cheese; you don't have to wait until it melts all the way at all...

Step 5: place the shredded chicken over the cheese then add another topping of cheese (quick tip: ADD SOME SPICE, I used oregano)
Step 6: place the other wrap over everything. Now give it a moment to make friends with all the other ingredients...then placing your hand on top and the spatula underneath, flip it.

Once everything is all melted and awesome you should get this:


Thank you Mexicans, for coming up with such delicious concepts.

Day 5: wrapped up cover letter 1, started cover letter 2; shooting for Tuesday submissions

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