Saturday, June 22, 2013

Karma Release

...sheer panel sock detail via UO (along with the dress and the bag).

...found some flatform sneakers--THAT DIDN'T FIT. *sad face*
image way I'll wear them.
AA disco shorts and AE bralet under.

...found a new boutique that sells interesting pretty things. They're not paying me so who cares what the name is.
...these odd magnifying necklaces were pretty.
plant globes? Cute.
...for some reason my fitting room had this instead of a mirror...IZITCUZIMBLACK???
I loved this color on my skin.
I tested out the Milani black Liquif'Eye liner, it did okay. I'll have to keep it up to decide if I will repurchase though.

image was about 90 degrees today.

For all I know she could have been a social science professor doing an experiment.
She certainly didn't look homeless.

Just on the cusp of elderly. White. Medium height and a small frame--but fed. Robust even.

Her hair, a slightly tousled gray ponytail; prescription glasses that blurred her eyes-old lady frames. Her clothes were the generic summer attire of her demographic: long shorts, socks with sandals....

At first, I didn't notice her chapped, pink mouth speaking hurried words as she stood in front of me. I removed my earbud and looked up from where I sat.

"Do you have 50 cents for a cup of coffee?" she repeated.

"No sorry, I don't have any money on me..."

I lie to myself all the time...that's probably why my truth hasn't come.
...maybe I'm just lacking in good Karma....I mean, lying to her like that is like, really bad Karma right? I mean, my whole life could be the result of some ridiculously bad Karma from another life--it has to be...dammit, my conscience is indomitable.

As she walked farther away, I unzipped the coin section in my wallet.

She had gone to the end of the strip and turned around to meet my outstretched fist.

"Thank you, I appreciate it."

Her words still hurried. Maybe with the shame of begging? Maybe she's a meth head and that's how she talks now? Dammit, I've just given her drug money.

I walked away, quieting my conscience with only the most convenient notions.

Day 53: Prepped one.

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