Friday, July 26, 2013

Nail Art and Review | Summer Christmas

'Afterhours' from Urban Outfitters

...and now on to the large print holographic polish I finally remembered to pick up at U.O. 

I'm not that keen on sparkle polishes, but I definitely think this one is worth the price:

SHINE: It twinkles.
FORMULA: It goes on pretty opaque in just two coats and it dries very quickly. I really appreciated the texture of the sparkles too; the particles were fine enough to create a smoother finish than I expected.
My nails are finally starting to improve so I wanted to let them show through with a minimalist design that reminded me of those gigantic candy canes seen around the holidays.
I thought sponging on the mint green created an interesting texture dimension that helped marry the cherry red and the sparkles...very artsy fartsy indeed.
Revlon 'fire' and Sally Hansen 'mint sorbet'--I never really talked about this polish, but for $2.50, it's pretty amazing.

Day 87: Looking in new places...

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