Wednesday, July 24, 2013


...still pretending I have no clothes. Gel padded the shoes so no blisters this time. Yay.

Does the exotic attention make you feel even bigger than you already are?
Or more disgusting?
Because once they know their flesh is coveted,
they will never look at you with the same attentiveness.
Unnervingly porcine with four eyes and baby teeth,
you show off their attention to your fairer friend--not so small now,
despite your globs of misshapen flesh
...beastly next to them.
Eventually, they will see that you don't even approach a basic standard,
you're just an amusement for the moment
...that fleeting moment.
Eventually, not even their darker breed, whom you ignore, will spit in your direction.

So savor it, this odd, unlikely exchange,
completely out of balance with nature.
Savor it deep...for the next million years.


Day 85: submitted another.

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