Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Very Serious Rational Thoughts


I can't really think of all the semi-profound thoughts that occurred today, but here's the most I can recall:

Eventually, all those wigs I own will come in handy...and the 6-inch heels...because only God can judge me...and I'm still underemployed. Still.

I hate answering my phone because no one important ever calls me. No one.

If I try on something at Marshall's ever again and I even sort of like it, I'm hiding it in the little boys' section.

I had a very vivid dream of pushing someone I detest down a flight of stairs and it was glorious.

I'm seriously obsessed with dreadlocks. I stared at the back of this kid's head on the bus the whole ride; his were only a couple inches long, but I still found them to be very sexual.

Day 91: back to the locals.

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  1. Cool! I love your blog! <3 Looking forward for some more :)



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