Sunday, August 4, 2013

Nail Art | Barbie's Garden

Once again, my inspiration comes from a rather childlike place...

After spending a slew of days indoors, I realized that I had basically missed a huge chunk of summer (mainly because I'm always broke--I mean, you can't go on random iced-coffee runs when you have no money) so I decided to go with a floral design, inspired by the sunny world of Barbie.
Even though there's a disturbing amount of color coordination in the land of Mattel, I wouldn't mind dropping by Barbie's Dreamhouse for a taste of an extravagant lifestyle filled with vapid conversation, penis-free men and easy to assemble everything...I think it would make for a much more eventful summer.
Revlon 'charismatic' and 'grape'; AA neon yellow and UO 'afterhours'

Day 96: prepped one local

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