Sunday, August 18, 2013

New Polish for the Fall Palette

I feel like it's been forever since I've picked up some new nail polishes...being perpetually broke is a bitch so it helps when one of your favorite beauty companies is 40 percent off. Here are the latest additions to the nail art color palette:


Revlon Pale Cashmere...a stunning ivory that looks absolutely elegant against brown skin.
SHINE: A basic glossy sheen, could use a top coat though
FORMULA: opacity in two coats; it actually looks really nice if you have a the white of the nail showing through.

Revlon Créme Brûlée (I liiiike JUST figured out how to use that option key on my Mac though...)...a gorgeous golden champagne color, perfect for fall.
SHINE: It has a satin sheen that would look interesting matte or with a glossy top coat.
FORMULA: opacity in two coats

Revlon Iced Mauve...a wonderful, understated berry tone.
SHINE: Much like Créme Brûlée, it has a satin finish that could use a glossy top coat.
FORMULA: opacity in one good coat.


....they actually make a pretty decent nail art color combo.

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  1. very nice colour selection, especially the Créme Brûlée =)


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