Sunday, October 27, 2013

Nail Art | Zombie Gingivitis

Okay so this look a bit more creative than the last one, at least I think so...

What you're looking at are the mouths of zombies chewing decaying gum in order to mask their advanced gingivitis...I know, right? Like, SUPER creative actually just really fucking weird and kinda gross.

I was inspired by all the people I encounter with really bad breath, like, the kind of breath that smells like a combination of rotting cheese and poop. Poor oral hygiene is such a turn off.

I tried to make the design just as disgusting as the actual condition...
Revlon "iced mauve", "vixen", "sweet tart", "varnished"; Milani white nail art polish and "yellow whiz" and Sally's "treat heart" sugar coat polish.

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