Friday, October 2, 2015

a study in sweet fruit

Plums are so important. Everything about them has a specific characteristic that makes them so addicting...starting with the taste. In my opinion, the darker the plum the sweeter the fruit, so when I go to the store I look for a specific label that indicates their insides are that familiar dark maroon color and succulent flavor.

But last week, it was different. The grocery store I usually get my dark plums at had labeled a different type of plum as "sweet fruit" despite their lighter color...and because I have nothing better to do I decided to investigate--where had the darker plums gone and were these lighter ones as sweet?
The darkest ones up top are actually the most tart, while the ones on the right are somewhat bland; I got them at a different grocery hoping to find the plums I was looking for there instead along with another type. At the end of my trips to two different grocers, all I could find were these plums with lightskint insides...the ones that were labeled as sweet fruit (bottom left) were not as rich tasting as the original dark ones, but they still served my breakfast purposes. 
However, I've recently gotten into peaches as the new carb topping; they're sweet by default so there's no guess work needed.
I think it's clear that food takes up way too much of my time.

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