Tuesday, December 22, 2015

end of an era...

reversible petticoat, plush leggings, three basic menswear tee shirts

 ...the American Apparel in my area has finally closed its doors after filing for bankruptcy a little while ago. I managed to pick up some much needed staples and an item I've always wanted, but was previously too broke to buy. I'm pretty sure I got about $500 dollars worth of stuff for around $80, which is nice despite the unfortunate circumstances.

I've always loved the clean, fun aesthetic and I feel like it's still a very strong brand even with the atrocities of their former creeper CEO Dov Charney. Luckily, the new H.B.I.C. Paula Schneider seems to be picking up the pieces just fine so maybe I'll be able to have random shopping sprees once again in the future.

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