Saturday, March 26, 2016


Some time last month I had an early morning insomnia session prompted by my brain remembering that I still had an active instagram account and I wanted to get rid of it...although not really because nothing Facebook adjacent ever really dies now does it?

Anyway, I was reminded of my lesser self from four years ago...
I loved smoothies...I still need to get a blender and make some of these...also, serious nail art.
I wore sneakers and leggings a lot. I think that was a thing back then and probably still now, except with ugly socks.
I also wore make up just to wear made me feel less poor and depressed.
Fringe. So much fringe in my life.
I don't care for it at all anymore, but back then I was all about the "arm party"
I really, really loved being outside....mainly because it wasn't inside.

...digging into the past is always a fascinating activity.

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