Wednesday, April 20, 2016

more matte picks

Maybelline vivid matte liquid gloss in "pink charge"; L'Oreal Infallible pro matte gloss in "nude allude"
I haven't been shopping for new beauty stuff lately due to being in hardcore sloth mode--it's like why would I bother to put a face on if I'm too lazy to even dress myself? However, I was paying attention to those commercials while vegetating on the couch and these two new drugstore lippies caught my attention. 

I'm not too keen on L'Oreal products, but I dabble here and there and I'm hoping this new matte gloss will be legit. As far as Maybelline products go, I can't recall buying any of their lip products at all so I'm interested to see if this product compares to higher end versions like their mascaras do. 

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