Friday, May 27, 2016

style lookbook | ivy park and chiffon




I was hoping for a more tepid summer given the cooler temps of spring that warranted my heavy Vetements sweater dress day after day, but now I'm just trying my best not to get bitten by mosquitoes or melt in the almost 90 degree weather. 

My Ivy Park onesie is like a Godsend (honestly she just never ceases to bless us now does she?) and I'm definitely looking to pick up several more pieces as soon as Net-a-porter gets their shit together and restocks my selections. Wearing this AA chiffon skirt makes me feel less like a homeless slob and more like......a lady? I don't even know, but the length and weight is perfect and as modest as my Mormon pinafore. warming is too real and I'm over it.

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