Thursday, July 7, 2016

beauty in and in review...

Estee is my bitch okay, these eye shadows are so legit, like the white lady who helped me out at the counter today kind of fucked up (she legit tried to sell me caucasian make up like....? It was so bizarre, but what else should I expect), but it's cool because their product speaks for itself as far as I'm concerned. After enjoying the lilac shimmer shadow I picked up a little while ago I decided to pick up a couple more in the Pure Color Envy line in "silver edge" and "emerald envy". The formulation is so perfect; blends perfectly, no fall out and wonderful staying power.

For my lips I found another Nyx Lingerie color in "lace detail" (sadly the only color available) and I picked up another color in the bougiest lipstick I've ever tried, "private party" from the Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope collection. The formulation on these lipsticks is superb; so moisturizing with a wonderful opacity even with more understated colors (I also have "star system").

Finally, I decided to check out Bare Minerals' attempt at the matte lipstick trend and an unfamiliar Fiona Stiles. With Bare Minerals, I got the color "weekend", which is my usual mauvey pink shade and after my brush with Stila's "amalfi" (still upset this color didn't work out for me), I decided to get "crosby" a peachy magenta from Fiona Stiles matte lip line. I'll be testing both this weekend and updating on my next beauty post.

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