Friday, July 6, 2012

Baked Cinnamon Butter Pita Bread

Okay, so the originality of this recipe is questionable, but I'm not a cook nor do I eat that much food to begin with so I often find myself trying to get clever in preparing whatever I find in my half-empty fridge.
In this case, I found some pita chips my mom brought home from a Mediterranean restaurant called Sultan's. I spread some of this cinnamon sugar butter on one side of each piece and baked them for about 5 min at 350 degrees. You'll know they're done when the butter melts and the bread becomes less doughy (WOW, I'M LIKE, A FOOD NETWORK SUPERSTAR RIGHT NOW....)
This butter makes regular toast taste like French toast.
The pita had a really light, flaky texture and a little crisp when they were done and the sugar in the butter added a wonderful, pastry-like flavor. They make a delicious guilt-free snack with this particular butter having slightly less sodium than other butters and pita bread being a well-known healthy alternative. Serve in a bowl or on a napkin like my too-lazy-to-do-dishes self did.

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