Friday, July 6, 2012

Lost and Found

I actually lost this cardigan I'm wearing and I remember trying really hard not to care about it when I discovered it was missing and then realizing I really hoped I would find it because it's such a great piece in my wardrobe.

My mind kept going back and forth between my materialistic emotional attachment to my things and my desire to be rationale and let it go: "It's just clothes, it's just clothes--OMG I COULD HAVE WORN IT WITH SOOOO MANY THINGS THIS SEASON WHHHHYYYYY????--it's just clothes, it's just clothes--WHO LOSES A WHOLE ENTIRE CARDIGAN LIKE THAT????"
It turns out it fell off the bag I had it slouched over when I was walking up my street. I didn't realize it was missing until I got on the bus. I called my mom, like, "did I leave it in the kitchen?" I was hoping she would say yes, but I knew I probably had a careless moment and it was somewhere random.
When I was coming back from my trip, I found it lying next to someone's tire...with a thumb-sized hole in it (look close, you can see it). 
I washed it and everything so it's all gravy, but that hole can't be mended very easily because it's not on a seam or positioned in a way I can work with, like I did with this cardigan here.
Maybe I am a little over-attached to inanimate objects (I was one of those kids with a blankie or whatever #noshame), but losing this cardigan has made me appreciate it as well as the rest of my stuff a lot more.

maxi dress....Dots
blue velvet loafers...Urban Outfitters
cardigan....The Loft
spiked headband...Urban Outfitters

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