Sunday, July 8, 2012

Killer Style

I think someone tried to pick me up when I was at the union...I can't be sure because most of the guys around here weird me out. He must have been a serial killer; I watch Law and Order quite a bit an it's kind of shocking how many of the criminals have connections to Michigan plus, most of the episodes are based on true stories.
I feel like because I live in a collegetown, if something had happened to me, something would have been mentioned about what I was wearing.
But it was 100 degrees that day and I was baking.  

He was asking about a phone charger...from there, where I was from and what I did for fun. 
He had a weird posture when he spoke; standing with his arms crooked at his side like he was getting ready to do the chicken dance. 
What kind of man stands like that? 
The weirdo psycho killer kind.
I'm really not the type of girl a guy can just walk up to willi-nilly...I'm just not. 
If a guy from around here is going to approach me, he has to be a little bit out of his mind or just straight up criminal.
Just saying.
As I was getting up to leave he kept saying, "you don't have to leave, you can stay for as long as you want..." 
I packed my things and walked away with a tight smile and a brief, 'farewell, nice to meet you'.
I think I escaped death.

bralet....Hot Topic
hi-top sneakers...Keds
chain bag....Amrita Singh
jewelry...Kali Butterfly
shades....Urban Outfitters


  1. scary, but your outfit still killed it, as always :D


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