Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer Wig Styling

So when my fro isn't in full effect, I keep it under a wig.
I decided to get into the colored hair trend that I've been seeing everywhere this summer and I hit up Sally's for some clip-ins:
 These are the first ones I got; they are a shiny synthetic finish with a deep, bluish-purple hue. 
They were on sale for about $2.60 a piece.
They're only about 1 inch across so they made for a subtle highlight.
Here's the installation process, they just clip right into the netting or "rungs" of the wig (I guess I'm not cool enough to know the proper term...whatever)
After wearing them for a bit, I decided I wanted something a little bolder; I have to admit one of my top style icons inspired me as well. 
I selected these human hair extensions:
They have a really high-quality silky feel and they don't shed one bit. They were on sale for about $11 (reg. price is $13) so I definitely recommend them for anyone looking for a simple, fun upgrade to their hair look.

The finished product:

The human hair extensions have a brighter, more magenta purple hue so it created a really nice complement to the darker purple synthetic extensions.
Yay for summer ready wigs :)

Design Lengths Hair Extensions and Hi-Lite Clip-In Hair bought at Sally's Beauty Supply

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