Monday, August 20, 2012

Poor Eating Habits | simple recipes for broke people

As a new college graduate, I'm currently quite poor 
or, as Tumblr would say, I have more month than money

The main thing that has been affected by my state of semi-poverty is of course, my eating habits. Until I get a good job (which will probably be pretty soon) I won't make enough to eat the way I want to, so I have to make due with whatever I can find.

Recipe #1: Bread/Tuna/Salad Dressing, I will not be making up some fancy name for any one of these recipes--that's what rich people do on their stupid, glitzy-ass lifestyle blogs.

Oh, and none of this is very original; that's not really a priority when you're broke.
Step One: Find whatever sub bread you have; one of those $0.99 cent baguettes from your local grocery store will do.  I can't afford to replace moldy food so the one I used was kept frozen until I was ready. After the bread was thawed, I cut it into normal serving sizes and placed them on a baking pan. They were warmed (not fully baked) at 350 degrees for approximately 5 minutes.
Step Two: Add the cheapest tuna you can find and save any leftovers; one can should do for 2-3 servings (gotta stretch it out when there's no money!)
Step Three: Place the tuna on the open-faced bread and put it back in the oven to heat it up for a couple minutes because a warm sandwich tastes more like a proper lunch or dinner than a cold one.
Step Four: After you remove the warmed tuna/bread from the oven, add some dressing, because tuna and bread is dry on its own, but grocery store mayo is too expensive and the little mayo packets are too small to last very long. Make sure to save leftover dressing too because where is the money to buy the salad that will get you another dressing packet? I kept a packet in a plastic bag in the fridge and it lasted for three days.
Finally, you can either place it back in the oven and heat all the ingredients together or eat it as is; I placed mine back in the oven because I don't like the taste of cold dressing on hot food.

Now doesn't that look like something you would buy if you had some money?

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