Monday, August 20, 2012

I Make Pretty For You | Simple, Shimmery Everyday Look

 ...starting off with my customary grade school portrait style picture...
The simple part of this tutorial is in the minimal items used to create this look; it was designed to be an everyday look that can be achieved in about 10 minutes.
I stopped using this pressed powder for a while because MAC's loose powder was more suited for the hotter weather, but now that it has cooled down a bit, I've started using it everyday. It has a nice medium coverage and a matte finish that stays put all day (NW 45).
I use this brown eyeshadow called "cinnabar" by Mary Kay as a base when I want a really soft, muted look. I find that any color I put on top of it blends with my skin a lot more because this shade of brown is almost the exact color of my lids.
MAC's black eye shadow in "carbon" is not the most pigmented black I own so it makes an excellent daytime smokey eye shadow.
Stila's smudge stick in "Starfish" is the perfect lower lid eyeliner; I love the shimmer in it and how it can complete a look on its own.
I almost always reach for Lancome's "Makeover Metallic" eye shadow when I want a lower lid or inner tear duct shimmer. The pink actually goes on more silvery which makes it more compatible with other eye shadows.
 The end result should look very blended out and subtle; add your favorite mascara (see tools and priming items HERE).
Finally, I finished off with one of the popular Revlon balm stains, this one is called "Adore", 
it's absolutely gorgeous for darker skin tones.
...wrapping it up with my pouty-lipped posing.

Make sure to watch my quick tutorial video HERE.


  1. looks pretty fresh and natural, p.s thank you for the comment on my blog xoxo angel

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  3. you look gorgeous :) lovely make-up x

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