Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Summer Fashion Essentials: Who Wears Short Shorts? I DO!

I found these shorts in my Dad's basement as a pair of trouser flare jeans that would have fit had they not been about 3 inches too short. I loved the fly closure, the box-cut pockets and the dark wash; I went with a really simple straight cut to accentuate the vintage style.
I found these shorts on the same day as the first and due to the baggier, high-waisted fit, I knew I couldn't go with the standard cut, so I chose to snip them at a diagnal similar to the One Teaspoon shorts I see on I also bleached them in a tie-dye like pattern (see them styled HERE).
 These are my go-to standard cutoffs, also a DIY from a vintage pair I found. 
If I were to wear any one of my denim cutoffs cuffed up, they could get pretty butt-cheek short, so I bought these cute floral print biker shorts at Urban Outfitters to wear as a layering piece underneath.
Everybody is into the American Apparel disco pants...except for me. 
Disco shorts? I'm all over it.

What's your favorite style of shorts this summer?

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  1. i am a huge fans of shorts, you have several numbers of shorts that super cool! this is super great <3


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