Saturday, August 25, 2012

Poor Eating Habits | simple recipes for broke people

Recipe #2:

Too broke for ketchup? GRAB A TOMATO. have to admit that title was way more creative than the last one.

So I came up with this (probably waaaay after someone else did) when I wanted to make a hot dog and was unable to find any ketchup or hot dog-ish dressing whatsoever; poor people problems to the max

I was so annoyed. It's not like I could have just bought some at the store and I never have money for fast food restaurants so there weren't any little packets around.

But I refused to simply eat the meat with the bun plain...that would make my semi-poverty too real. 

Luckily, my African parents seem to always have a constant stock of certain foods including rice (there is FOREVER some rice), plantains, potatoes and tomatoes; they basically eat whatever would be regularly grown and harvested in the old country.

So I grab a tomato and some spices and I figured I could make some relish, which is a bit ironic because I feel like that's how a rich person would eat a hot dog....

Step One: Grab a hotdog and bake it. First of all, I know nothing about the price or quality of this brand and usually the food is free because I'm currently FREE LOADING okay, #BrokeAndShameless. No matter what the brand, that crispiness on the outside when you bake them is delicious. It should be in the oven at 350 degrees for....until it looks like this...maybe 10 minutes or so? Just take a look as soon as you start to smell hot dogginess in the air and try not to burn it, okay?
Step Two: Spice and dice. Dice up half a medium-sized tomato (a full tomato can make up to five servings) and prep a frying pan with some cooking oil. I went for more salty flavors because I'm trying to recreate a ketchup-like taste, but you can obviously do whatever.
Step Three: Saute it up. As the tomatoes soften, add the spices and use a fork to mash it into a chunky sauce.
Step Four: Grab your bun. As the spread is marinating with the spices, place a bun next to the hot dog that should still be in the oven. The hot dog should be done by now and instead of taking it out, leave it there to stay warm while the bun gets a little crispy on residual heat. I actually opened these up a bit and set them upside-down after a few minutes so the inside would get crispy as well.
I made two because I was super hungry when I was cooking, but then I realized I didn't want to be fat AND poor so I only ate one and wrapped the other up for tomorrow.  I guess this recipe is not just for poor folks but also for people who want to eat slightly (only SLIGHTLY, they're still hot dogs) healthier because I'm pretty sure using fresh tomatoes is better than processed far as the cost, how would I know? I never buy any of this crap.

 So freaking fancy you would never guess there was a two digit number in my bank account.


  1. Wow, that was so clever! Looks yummier than Ketchup too!


  2. haha your blog is so funny! also, your outfits are so awesome!
    i love your blog.


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