Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Dead Roses Series | Kissing in the Dark

I shot the series randomly when I was sitting in the kitchen while the sun was going down and the light shining through the adjacent window was starting to change dramatically enough to prompt me to grab my camera. I shot the same frame at different angles about 20 times and I selected the six strongest images for this photo series. This was the very first shot I took in hopes that I would be able to capture all of the orange and pinkish tones that are revealed during sunsets, but this one looks more peachy than anything and each subsequent shot had a different hue captured as well. I initially wanted to edit more light into the photo to make the dried roses more visible, but I have a love for deep shadows in photography. I thought the end result was somewhat haunting as the light seems to softly kiss the petals in the darkness making them look more alive than dead.

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