Sunday, September 16, 2012

I Make Pretty For You | Bold No Make Up Look for Fall

Okay, so technically there is some make up involved, but not nearly as much as a regular make up look.

All you need is your favorite colored eyeliner (two in this case) and some mascara along with your everyday moisturizers for your face. For this look, I used Stila's smudge stick in Starfish mixed with Milani Liquif'eye liner in green; my mascara of choice is my favorite from Maybelline. The liners are waterproof so smudging is minimal, and with the cooler temperatures of fall, it's unlikely to budge anyway. However, if you have oily skin around your eyes, just use a little powder or flesh-toned eye shadow to seal in the liner.
Pick your favorite nude lipstick to complete this natural look. This lip butter is a gorgeous nude color for darker skin tones.
There are a lot of variations of this look, which is perfect for those days when you don't have a lot of time to put a full face on, but you don't want to look like shit. Adding a simple colored eyeliner and some neutral lips is a great way to look like you tried to put your best face forward.
I know this photo looks pretty much identical to the first, but I'm too self-indulgent to care.

What are your bare essentials for a "no-make" up look?


  1. You're flawless with this "no-make-up-look"!
    May I ask what IKINTOO stands for? :)
    Hugs from Italy,

  2. This looks gorgeous on you! Oh and I love the Revlon lip butters!

  3. Lovely lipstick, you have such a genuine beautiful smile ^^

    Love Emi


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