Friday, October 19, 2012

His Mistress Got Me Fired

...maybe if she hadn't insisted on returning to the same spot...but despite all the public that visits there, not a single person would know who she really was...

...maybe if he hadn't insisted on trying to impress her...but he knew the owner so he would be able to drink, dine and exercise his power all at once...  

But it's all fitting as usual. I've been coughing up multiple viruses for three weeks straight, deprived of food and sleep and riddled with dizzy spells, foot blisters and a bleary memory...I was rapidly deteriorating because I wasn't designed to do any of it and none of it was remotely sustainable anyway.

Nevertheless, I'm grateful because I don't know where that money would have come from even though what I went through wasn't nearly worth it.

Make up: Stila In the Moment palette (the entire bottom row); Revlon balm stain "crush"

Inconvenient ambitions always
produce fitting conclusions.

beanie, socks, jacket, gloves...Urban Outfitters
sweater...The Gap


  1. Thank you for visiting! Following you now!! Kisses from VV!! :)

  2. Great outfit, love it <3
    Cute blouse underneath your sweater!


  3. This is so cute :D I love Urban Outfitters!

  4. thank you for your comment! you have a nice blog here. i follow you now! if you can follow me too:)

  5. Lovely outfit and gorgeous blog!!! :D

  6. Great dress!!! Love its little collar xx


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