Sunday, October 14, 2012

No One Gives a Fuck About Christopher Columbus

I was going to name this post something more generic like, How I Style a Casual Sweatshirt or  something one of those dumb cookie-cutter UK fashion blogs would come up with, but a couple of these outfits were worn when my week got screwed up because some European jackass decided to sail over here and act like he discovered America. I woke up on Monday with the intention of cashing my hard-earned check (it was three whole digits) only to find out that my bank was closed in honor Christopher fucking Columbus. Even after he's long dead he continues to inconvenience brown people. What an asshole. Yeah, it's the weekend, but dammit, I'm still pissed; I could have gotten so much more done with my precious time off had he not stolen credit from Native Americans.

Anyway, when I'm not literally slaving away as a waitress, I'm usually running errands or shopping or just doing whatever in comfy clothes. Everyone has a favorite piece of loungewear and what I usually reach for is my red Victoria's Secret boyfriend sweatshirt. Aside from the vibrant color, this sweatshirt is also really functional because it's warm and hooded and the straight cut makes it easy to layer with jackets and over-sized cardigans...and that was absurdly wordy for talk about an old sweatshirt. Whatever. Look at my pictures.

Look 1: laid back prepster...I kept it pretty tidy.
...I was experimenting with white eyeliner here...

denim...the Buckle
shoes...Deena and Ozzy
hat...Urban Outfitters 

Look 2: sleepwear chic...cuz I could sleep in this.

leggings...American Apparel

Looks 3 and 4: Luxe plus laid back...I always like to combining luxe pieces with super casual ones to keep from looking too sloppy.

bag...Amarita Singh 

fingerless gloves and jeans...Urban Outfitters

Welp, that's all folks...this post was such a filler, but at least it was's a preview of some of the shopping I did:

Check out the rest HERE.


  1. Everytime I see pics like thisI want it to be cold here! Still reaching 90s here. AHHH, i cant wait for it to be cold.

  2. I like the beanie and also the bag, good combination!!


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