Thursday, October 25, 2012

Noise Interference

I was determined not to waste what was left of the day as I dragged myself out of bed around too-damn-late-o'clock...

It was a wonderfully gloomy Tuesday with steady misting then pattering rain, which made it a bit challenging to shoot. I used a sandwich bag to keep my lens clear of droplets; I knew it was risky shooting in wet weather, but I can't resist a soft, gray sky against fall colors. 

Make Up: Stila's "honey", "moss"; Milani green eyeliner on the bottom with Stila's "improvise" smeared underneath. Revlon balm stain in "adore".

It was also the perfect day for a shopping mission...only because I had misplaced my actual to do list and could think of nothing better to do with myself in the waning daylight hours.

After taking way too much time to shoot this, I set off in search of an over-sized black menswear leather jacket that's not bomber style--yes, I'm that specific when I shop. My first stop was a menswear store where I was sticker shocked by the prices on the selection of genuine leather jackets. Next, I decided to pay a visit to Sears because aside from washers and dryers, they occasionally sell quality stuff...unfortunately that was not the case.

As I hurried to catch the bus to the mall, I lost one of my earbud cushions so when I got on the bus I was forced to listen to the noises of white and black trash chattering over the grumbling engine...

I get to the mall and attempt to carry out my mission, but of course I get distracted and end up in American Eagle for their 40 percent off clearance sale.

I walked in and headed straight for the back. I don't usually respond to the whole customary greeting at the door because I'm just not that kind of customer however, this one salesgirl was insistent on getting in my face and staying there in an effort to deliver her annoying and possibly racist version of customer service.

First of all, here's what I need when I walk into any retail store: 
1.) A quick greeting (which I will almost always ignore, but still appreciate) 
2.) Then I need to be left the fuck alone.

Optional: You can attempt to assist by asking if there is something I'm looking for, but if I say, "No, I'm just looking," that's your signal to back the fuck off and gimmie some room while I browse around and try to enjoy my shopping experience.

This cunt did the opposite of all of that.

FIRST, she literally hovered by me the majority the time I was searching the clearance rack--like, so close I thought she was going to start pulling clothes for me or something...the store wasn't crowded at all either so I know she could have found somewhere else to be.
SECOND, she hovered outside the dressing room door as if there was nothing else to do in that big ass store.
THIRD, she asked me if I wanted to leave the items I selected at the counter as I was browsing a bit more after leaving the dressing room.

Now, maybe reading that might not seem like much, but in real life bitch was doing the absolute most and it was beyond irritating. Let's revisit her infractions:

NUMBER ONE: DO NOT, at any point in life, HOVER around a customer...especially if that customer is a person of color and you're's the quickest way to make a person have a super uncomfortable shopping experience. 

NUMBER TWO: See the second necessity for when I walk into a retail store...I have no idea why she insisted on making her presence known after I left the dressing room, let alone hovering outside the door when I was in there. The store was definitely big enough where she could have gone somewhere else to fold or hang or do whatever her lame ass job required her to do.

NUMBER THREE: When she asked if I wanted to leave my items at the counter it's like she was forcing me to make a decision or she was rushing me out of the store or maybe she thought I would steal the items? I don't know. Bitch was coming at me with all kinds of Gestapo energy so I didn't know what to think, but I do know that two shirts and my jacket is not some heavy load that I needed to leave anywhere while I continued to shop (I have been asked this before when I had several items, and clearly looked overwhelmed--this was far from the case).

At that point, I decided to very firmly, but quietly tell her to back off because she was making me uncomfortable. I said, "If I need you, I will come and find you, you don't need to be doing all of this extra..."

She simply furrowed her brow and replied, "Okaaaaaaay wellll that's what we're here forrrr..." in a wonderful airhead Valley girl attitude as she finally walked away.

Really, there should only be TWO communication points between the customer and the salesperson: greeting and fitting room if necessary (which technically means there should only be one communication point). Anything else should be initiated by the customer; the salesperson should simply make themselves visible and available, THAT IS ALL. No one likes to have a rushed or uncomfortable experience when they shop and honestly, this bitch is exactly why some people shop online.

When I got to the register I told the other salesperson I thought she should curtail all the extra (because when customer service gets fucked up I can't let it slide that easily). This kid was about as unapologetic as she was and went ahead and rang my stuff up wrong which prompted me to spend even more time in the presence of Little Miss Extra as she had to come over and correct his mistake.

Maybe this dumb little girl was really trying to help? Maybe she saw some skinny black chick who looked like she was ready to steal? Maybe she's a naturally overbearing little cunt? WHO. KNOWS.  She made me want to knock her out regardless and spending all that time afterwards just added to my annoyance.

Whatever. People are shit. I'm just glad I made it back in time for Sons of Anarchy.

jacket...American fucking Eagle
sweater, tights, hat...Urban-much better sales people-Outfitters
disco shorts...American-I dig their service too-Apparel

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  1. NUMBER ONE: DO NOT, at any point in life, HOVER around a customer...especially if that customer is a person of color and you're white...
    LMAO Amen totally true


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