Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I don't mind being 14 feet tall...


I mean, the comments are a bit awkward sometimes...

"I would break my ankle in those shoes..."
"How do you walk in those?"
"Aren't you tall enough already?"
...and my favorite from my 81-year-old Nigerian father: 
"Now yor warring shoz so yoou ah 14 feets taal."


God made me tall so I can be closer to Him; I wear high heels simply to remind others of that fact.

sherpa vest is Gap; bag is from an art fair; sweater is American Eagle; denim and gloves are Urban Outfitters; shoes

I actually had to run in them to catch the bus. When I boarded, the driver twisted his head horizontally just to eye my boots as I swiped my card, "How tall are you without them on?" "5'10" I answered. "So you're like 7 feet with them?" "Like, 6'3" I answered. "Do you wear them when it's icy and snowy outside?" "No, never, I would never do that!" I replied. "So you're a little bit shorter when there's ice on the ground..." he laughed. "Yup!" I said. When I was stepping off the bus he kneeled the vehicle saying, "Lemme lower it so you don't have to step down as far..." That really cracked me up.

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  1. hey girl thanks for the comment. i just checked your blog! keep it up your posts are very witty and made me smile.

    Tiffany xxx


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