Monday, January 7, 2013

Some Reading | For this set of 365

Now that 2013 is officially underway, I’ve decided to outline all the things that will make this year better than the last.

All that blogger crap (Fashion, style, beauty)...

I read so many fashion and style blogs that it's easy to spot a lot of tired-ass trends. I’m just sick of all the sameness...creepers aren’t for everyone...spikes and studs don’t need to be on EVERYTHING...the whole comic book trend got annoying before it ever left the realm of fashion and started to look like a style choice (same with the Givenchy Rottweiler shirt)...I've seen more military jackets than the actual military...animal print nail art and floral headbands are summer trends that should have died in the summer, but maybe all those endless tutorials kept them alive...
...currently at risk of getting worn to death: velvet leggings

...with beauty: I CAN'T with overdone eyebrows; that retarded Groucho Marx look is not cute.


All that media (tv, movies, music)...

...footage from a VH1 casting call.

Le Ratchetness...I’m definitely looking forward to seeing VH1 get a little more creative than simply exploiting low-income and/or classless black people. Ratchetness is so 2012. It’s embarrassing. I’m over it.

On the flip side... Kerry Washington and now Megan Good are proving some networks are willing to take a chance on black female leads. I’m totally here for that even though I have yet to see a single episode of Scandal (I feel like I’m too late to that party to just jump in, you know?). However, I can’t wait to see how Good’s new drama plays out. I got so excited when I saw the previews for Deception and I hope she can prove she’s more than just that one pretty black girl that’s not Gabrielle Union.

Those pesky Kardashians...So many questions now that the spawn of Kanye and Kim has been conceived…I would love to do an entire post on Kim Kardashian because I am absolutely fascinated with this woman’s ruthless hustle.  Furthermore, we’ve seen the “trashy-talentless-hack-to-respectable-mother” transformation do wonders for Nicole Ritchie and I’m wondering if it will do the same for Kim.

Lindsay "Forever-A-Hot-Mess" Lohan…seriously, can she hit bottom already so we can finally watch her get back on top? 
At the premiere of "Liz and Dick" wearing a dress that should have never been made and "borrowed" jewels.
I kinda hope that possible jail sentence actually becomes a reality because even when it seems like she’s getting it together, bitch seems to find a way to fuck it all up again. I don’t get it anymore, but like everyone else, I’m forever rooting for her. Oh, and she did really well in Liz and Dick, but the movie itself was hardly worthy of a comeback (it’s LIFETIME, what were people expecting?).
Taylor in his prime as Tim Riggins in Friday Night Lights. (source:

Dear Taylor Kitsch...*sigh* sweetheart, I have been here for you since FNL and I’m gonna need you to do better—I mean, how are you supposed to support me after we get married if you keep doing movies that don’t make any real money? 

Carly Rae Jepsen...I’m really crossing my fingers that she doesn’t end up being a one hit wonder because I really appreciate her style and her Canadian accent is too cute. “This kiss” is a hot tune, but she’s still chasing her “Call Me Maybe” success and she has yet to deliver a performance worth talking about.

Taylor Swift...I do like my fellow tall skinny girl, but she needs to write less about who she’s dating/fucking/canoodling with at the time…if she does a song about Harry Styles, I'm concerned it could mean death via Directioner.

MUSIC ARTIST I'M REALLY ROOTING FOR: Dawn Richard...(formerly of Danity Kane and Diddy Dirty Money) is currently my favorite artist and she's been blazing a rather noteworthy path to success. So far, she hasn’t received the recognition and the hype she deserves, but she’s gaining a lot of traction with very little promotion. Her debut EP Armor On is still on heavy rotation in my iPod and I can’t wait to hear her debut LP Goldenheart, available January 15.  (For the sake of your ears, CLICK)

Society/The Reason Why I Stay Indoors...

There isn’t too much I can ask for except that those in power need to do better at getting gun possession under control. I’m looking forward to a year with a little less tragedy and a lot more accountability on the part of the government and the rather mob-like NRA.  

My Life and Times...

2013 is basically my last year to hustle. The only resolutions I have are to read more books and have less fear.


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