Saturday, December 29, 2012

Nail Art | Oxblood and Neon


I'm closing out 2012 with this mani right here...I actually bought the oxblood color specifically to pair with my only neon polish, which I'm wearing for the first time since I bought it in the summer. The color blocking was created using the edge of a beauty wedge so the line is a bit hazy as if the dark red is bleeding onto the neon. I found the neon polish to be a bit fussy, but it looks pretty decent in just one coat and that matte yellow glow is irresistible (probably the birth defect causing elements at work). 

The color combination reminds me of pineapple and cherries, which would make a very delicious flavored cocktail for a New Year's Eve party or some other festive event I'm too anti-social to attend.

Revlon "vixen" and American Apparel "neon yellow"

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