Saturday, March 23, 2013

16 to 1


...they were all the specimens of the basic crop;
lots of hoods and grocery store-bought footwear.
Parasitic black veering in my direction with pants low and eyes even lower.
an Infestation of white continues to thrive...invisible to me as I am to them.
There is no charm in this scene...only cold, hard facts and figures.
A bleary-eyed, pregnant white girl sat too close.
People have been shot dead here; they might have been sitting in this exact spot...
...maybe that's why they had to change all the get rid of the blood residue.

Some of these people have deluded themselves into thinking there is progress, but all I see is sinking.
Everything is running on its last leg...
From fleeting prospects
From desolate corners
From the downtrodden
From the weight
From the waiting
From temporary relief of prevailing problems
I can still flee on one leg...
...tumbling away on momentum from a 

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