Thursday, March 7, 2013

New Spring and Summer Nail Polish Picks

These were on sale so I bought them.

Left to right:

VARNISHED is a gorgeous, soft olive hue that looks amazing against darker skin tones. Even though it's more of a fall/winter color, it can look perfect in spring with some white or metallic accents. I also think it is a wonderfully understated color that can be worn in professional situations.
Finish: luster, medium gloss
Opacity: in two coats (seen with only one in the photos)

FIRE is ah-maaaazing, I couldn't ask for a more summery, popping red. I would totally rock this polish by itself because it's such a flashy color.
Finish: glossy finish
Opacity: in two coats; seen with one only to show you how ridiculously pigmented it is

CHARISMATIC is a super cute coral color and will probably go on my toes because it's still very neutral.
Finish: similar to Varnished, very pearly, medium gloss
Opacity: two coats

GRAPE is the perfect deep, sexy purple color. It will look amazing next to a turquoise or accented with white.
Finish: glossy, with a bit of shimmer
Opacity: two coats, but if I was doing one of my jawbreaker looks, I could get a very strong pigment in one coat.

METALLIC is metallic. That's pretty much it.
Finish: (duh)
Opacity: depends on application, highly metallic finishes tend to layer really well so you can get it done in one coat, plus I usually use them as accents so opacity doesn't really matter.
in sunlight
with flash

Also, I got a new base coat because the other one sucked-it got all thick and goopy...
The sucky one is strategically blurred out and askew in the background. Don't buy it.

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