Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nail Art | Paramore Inspired

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Paramore is one of those few bands that creates music with a spark that makes them shine brighter than all the rest (cheesy pun totally intended for any longtime fans reading this). I've been listening to them since 2005 when I randomly clicked on their Myspace page (yup, the first, pre-pedophile ridden Myspace); songs like "Conspiracy" and "Emergency" got me through some crappy collegiate times and ever since then, I've been a total stan. Their latest self-titled album is their first number one and I see nothing but even bigger things for them in the future.


The gray represents all the manufactured sameness that defines the music industry while the neon orange 'cig swipes' and silver represent how they can't be overshadowed by other popular acts because they stand out in a way that is unforgettable....excessively symbolic-I know, but it's better than saying something about how Hayley's hair stands out, right?

Revlon's 'metallic'; NYC 'sidewalkers'; Art Club neon orange nail art polish

I used the NYC "matte me crazy" top coat for the first time and I definitely dig it, plus the regular NYC polishes are pretty decent for the money.

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