Monday, June 24, 2013

A.U.I.M.E. | New Entrants and Notable Releases




This edition includes some random discoveries in the form of a band with a song on a popular show I have never seen and a band with a song on a commercial that I see all the time plus, an up-and-coming pop star from across the pond who already has an influence on my wardrobe choices. Oh, and of course, Kanye.

1. MS MR-Secondhand Rapture...The first song I heard from this band was "Hurricane", which was embedded in one of those Soundcloud things on a blog I was reading; I thought the vocal was interesting and I was compelled to hear more. After hearing their big hit, "Bones" (associated with the ever-popular tv show, Game of Thrones) I decided I was into it. Their sound has a touch of Florence + The Machine and I really like the distinctive vocal of the lead singer. My favorite tracks are "Btsk", "Bones" and "Ash Tree Lane".

2. Charli XCX-True Romance...First of all, I have no clue exactly why I decided to investigate this girl...some combination of her slightly exotic appearance and the odd track titles pulled me in. Anyway, I saw her album suggested to me on Amazon and without really listening to it, I did a YouTube search. At first glance, I was already intrigued; she has an interesting Tumblr aesthetic and a vivacious stage presence that I rarely see amongst today's pop acts.  Along with a strong mainstream debut (including a writer's credit of that infectious Icona Pop song), she has awesome '90s style to match all her sass:

LOOK AT HER FEET. They're by Buffalo--and I WANNEM. source: Tumblr

My favorite tracks are "Lock You Up", "Stay Away", "Set Me Free (Feel My Pain)", "Your The One"...honestly, the entire album is synth-pop perfection.

3. Kitten-Cut it out EP and Sunday School...So does anyone else run to the computer and type in whatever lyrics they catch to that cool song playing in the background of that one commercial they just saw? This band definitely owes a lot to Victoria's Secret for playing their music while Candice and the girls sauntered around in over-priced underwear. My favorite tracks are "Chinatown", "Japanese Eyes" and "G#". Can't wait for their full length debut.

4. Kanye West-Yeezus...Kanye is a God. That is all.

Day 55: Plugging away.

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