Monday, June 10, 2013

How to Dress in a Sun Shower

Bralet, denim, hat and fringe bag are U.O.; shoes are Kors; jacket is the Gap

Orange creme freeze today.
Chillin' in a rainbow.

...sun showers are so MI.

She was one of those Michigan girls who probably got the idea that she was at least three points higher than her actual level of appeal...dark brown hair pulled back into a long ponytail, pale skin and agate blue eyes...her features settled on her face like a Cadbury bunny.
Pretty enough to put on an air--but only in the face.
The rest I imagine she hated despite being the standard.

She very carefully and nervously explained a check holding regulation to me.
I didn't care to smile as her eyes would briefly meet my dead gaze and then dart right to left in a feverish pattern.
...the product of a small town; the kind that justifies white ignorance.

The idea of being at the mercy of another person's integrity (or lack there of) scared me. I think He spoke through that pretty face...He was so insistent I understood that I couldn't fall back into complacency.

Day 41: trudging into the unknown. 

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